• "No favourable wind blows for those who don’t know their own destination"

We offer consulting planning developing managing innovation services to our accounts

Intent offers IT solutions to optimize business processes. Our Company has outlined strategies believing everyday in the Innovation and Power of Technology as a bridge between problems and solutions, past and future, humans and machines.



Since its birth, our Company’s aim is to operate in all possible markets. Intent expertise and technological point of view offered, allowed us to establish ourselves in certain sectors. In some of these, we consolidated such a rich experience, we have been able to design and create ad hoc products. The most obvious example is Insurance Market in which our Company is a well-recognized System Integrator, even creating for it the CPA.


Our Company Purposes are Solutions enclosed in the Three reference Business Units.
With BU ERP we provide Consulting Services on the most important business management systems to large accounts or SME like SAP S4H or SAP BYD, Salesforce or QlikView.
With BU WEB we interface to Business Challenges, not choosing an existing product but starting from scratch.
With BU IOT we bring Hardware and Software together, creating networks to connect sensors or devices.